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Based out of St. Louis, MO, Midwest Consulting is conveniently located near the major cities of central and eastern United States. Our firm works with Owners and Architects in the design and development stages, as well as General Contractors and Subcontractors to ensure the vision is seen through. We bring extensive experience and professionalism to every project and customize our support to your individual needs and concerns.

Our engineers and draftsmen have been working in construction since 2003, building relationships with key manufacturers and contractors. We’re on the pulse of current trends and practices, and have continued to evolve as the industry has moved to more and more pre-glazed systems.

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Areas of Service

Design & Development

Before a project can hit the streets for bidding, there needs to be a clear design intent. MCS helps owners and architects ensure their vision has a real world application and will stay in budget when it comes to buying out the project.

Field Measuring

Field measuring is critical when working with renovation. Simply trusting the architectural drawings to be accurate to the tolerance required is not wise. MCS has years of expeince field measuring and know the critical dimensions to hold to for all types of systems. Layout drawings / measurements also available for new construction.

Shop drawings

To get a project from design to completion, having accurate submittals / shop drawings is critical. These will need to be reviewed by the architect to ensure design accuracy, as well as be the blueprint for ordering material. A project cannot be successful without an clear and accurate shop drawing.

Estimating assistance

With years in the industry, MCS has provided budget and firm pricing for thousands of commercial glazing projects over the years. Whether a window replacement or a new unitized curtainwall, MCS can work with your team to make sure all areas of the budget are covered.

structural calculations

Projects that span floors, have large openings, or happen to be in high wind ares will require assurance that the system will hold up to the local wind loads. MCS has Professional Engineers to provide stamped calculations to ensure whatever system is provided will pass all structural loading whether on it’s own or by adding reinforcement.

Project management

Overseeing the glass and glazing of a project is a task all it’s own. Identifying critical path items is key to getting the building in the dry so other trades can begin their work. MCS has run hundreds of projects in different markets, having the experience to work with Union, non-union, and mixed crews.


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